Tuesday 12th April

13:30 Making Tunnel Environments Safer

James Dupont, Technical Advisor, RVT Group

Educating principal contractors on best practice in tunnel ventilation, noise and dust control.

14:05 Successful project delivery through technology partnership

Gary Bray, Consultancy Manager & Steve Parsons, Head of UK Sales, Siemens Mobilty, Traffic Solutions

Download Presentation (23429 KB)

15:15 3D Scanning in the Industrial Environment

Nick Duggan, Principal Surveyor, GGP Consult

As Principal Surveyor for GGP Consult, Nick Duggan oversees the 3D laser scanning department, undertaking work in architectural, structural, civil, rail and mechanical sectors.
The rail department have a specialist team carrying out 3D laser surveys for Network Rail through AMCO as part of a framework structure.
Other large projects include Drax boiler house, Tata Steel Coke Ovens & Centrica Site at Easington.

Nick will offer an introduction to the potential uses of 3D scanning technology and demonstrate how GGP have already supported projects, such as those listed above.
As the only UK provider offering an end-end solution in this field, opportunities for various sectors will also be explored.

Wednesday 13th April

11:40 Quiet Sites Made Simple - and Profitable

Peter Wilson, Technical Director, Echo Barrier

Many organisations find that by using the latest project noise control technology, site noise can be reduced to levels that were only a dream a few years ago. Apart from meeting regulatory requirements more easily and at lower cost, there can also be dramatic project cost and time savings where lower noise levels allow extended working hours. This can also be tied-in with improved site aesthetics, the projection of company image and enhanced communication with the public. The presentation illustrates key innovations with multi-media case studies.

14:00 How UK Manufacturers can help solve our £Multi-Billion Congestion Problem

Nick Cowley, Managing Director, MCL Group Industries

Nick Cowley is managing director of MCL Group Industries. With academic qualifications including a science degree in mechanical and electrical engineering, and an MBA, Nick has previously been responsible for commercial and operational activities at international director level. These include the establishment of manufacturing facilities in Eastern Europe and the implementation of marketing and sales growth in the Middle East. Nick's vision at MCL Group is to deliver innovation in the utility, infrastructure, and composite materials technology sectors.

Nick Cowley, managing director of MCL Group Industries explores the infrastructure challenges the UK faces, looking at key issues including road works, congestion and emissions. Nick's presentation highlights recent news about the potential introduction of council fines for prolonged road works and looks at how advancements in composite material technology are paving the way for more cost effective infrastructure products such as access chambers, road plates and pole retention sockets that provide a cheaper, stronger and safer alternative to traditional steel products.

Download Presentation (12404 KB)

14:40 Geotech Soil Stabilisation – “The Future of Haul Road and Compound Solutions” – A Stable Introduction to Geobind

Dominick Holland, Technical Sales Consultant, Geotech Soil Stabilisation Ltd

Dominick Holland has worked in the construction, infrastructure and civils markets for over 9 years and has built up a wealth of knowledge in this time assisting him in his role at Geotech Soil Stabilisation. Dominick has driven in depth client understanding and relishes the chance to share what he has learned and the unquestionable benefits of Geobind to a new audience. Prior to Geotech, Dominick worked at several companies as a Contracts Manager, an Engineer and subsequently a business development manager.

Dominick Holland our Technical Sales Consultant will provide an introduction to our revolutionary Binder Geobind and explain the Geotech Soil Stabilisation process. This presentation will provide insights into how our system works and can save you time and money on enabling your temporary works solution. The presentation caters to both those attending CITE as well as Infrarail. Dominick will finish with a case study to provide a real world example of the benefits of using Geobind and Geotech Soil Stabilisation.

Download Presentation (14989 KB)

15:15 Scanning from the sky – What can LiDAR offer you?

Ralph Coleman, Sales Director, Bluesky International

LiDAR is nothing new, but a recent acceleration in its adoption for a diverse range of applications is resulting in something of a second dawn for the technology in the UK. Accuracy is increasing, costs are reducing and the availability of extensive data archives are all contributing to a sudden demand for something that was once perceived as an expensive luxury. So what exactly has changed, and how could LiDAR improve your projects and save you money? This presentation attempts to address that question.

Thursday 14th April

11:40 Digital Temporary Works Design

John O'Hagan, Business Development Manager, Mabey Hire Ltd

The Mabey Hire presentation will be delivered by John O’Hagan. With over 40 years in the Construction industry, John will be highlighting the key drivers of the current Infrastructure challenges set by Construction 2025. John is a qualified Civil Engineer. His career includes roles as Client, Contractor and Supplier in the industry and his unique perspective and expertise on the importance of temporary works is the focus of the presentation. “My roles over the years in the Construction Industry have included both Managing Director and labourer. Regardless of those titles, Safety has been the key industry improvement that has kept me alive and accountable on some of the most exciting projects ever undertaken in the industry. Digital Engineering is another quantum leap in the construction process.”

Construction 2025 has presented the Temporary Works industry with many challenges including BIM design, off site manufacturing, sustainable, collaborative and innovative solutions. Lowering carbon footprints by dramatic amounts has meant that even traditional materials and proven approaches to temporary works are being challenged across the construction sector.
The Mabey Hire group of companies has a unique perspective on temporary works as they continue to offer manufacturing, contract installation and supply via the largest network of such Hire depots in the UK.

Mabey Hire will be presenting a paper on how they have integrated their temporary works divisions for Groundworks, Formwork, Propping, Structural & Environmental monitoring and temporary access for bridges, access roads and highway barriers into total temporary works solutions.
Benefits to some of the largest infrastructure and Rail projects in the UK will be demonstrated in this presentation.

Download Presentation (13025 KB)

12:50 "Digital Signage; The essential communication tool for industry"

Drew Harding, Sales & Marketing, Eclipse Digital Media

13:25 Managing Infrastructure through Integrating UAV technology

Phil Storr, Operations Director, MRL Eye Ltd

Phil Storr is a director and one of the founders of MRL Eye Limited, and leads on work with the company’s partners Aerialtronics and Akuka developing the use of commercial level Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in the UK resilience, public safety and infrastructure management sectors.

With over 25 years of experience in senior operational management, crisis and incident response, Phil has led and delivered a number of complex programmes in the public and private sector, including for central government departments in the UK, Europe and Middle East. Having originally studied engineering Phil then joined the ambulance service serving as a paramedic officer for 10 years. He has an MBA/ Award in Executive Leadership, an MSc in Emergency Planning & Disaster Management and is a member of the Institute of Civil Protection & Emergency Management and the Society of Industrial Emergency Services Officers.

Integrating UAV captured data in Infrastructure Management – is a presentation, using case studies, looking at how data captured by remotely piloted unmanned aerial vehicle technology can be used to support infrastructure owners and asset managers make enhanced business decisions in the management of critical infrastructure.

Download Presentation (12240 KB)

14:05 Armouring Nature - Applications, benefits & case studies of Armoured HPTRM

Neil Clark, Project Manager, Gripple Ltd

A Chartered Mechanical Engineer, now in his 12th year with Gripple in a variety of different roles. Having led the product design, development and testing of a wide range of Gripple products, Neil has learnt from and worked with leading consultants and contractors and has first-hand experience of a variety of erosion control installations.

A look at the increasing use of permanent vegetated armouring materials, their applications and benefits. How this has become an adopted engineering solution in the United States in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and why.  Looking in detail how they can be used in many water management applications from erosion protection to enhanced flood controls.

Download Presentation (1722 KB)

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